More than 100 years in the hospitality business

People in the “Werdenfelser” region shook their heads when August Terne bought the lake Eibsee at an auction for 10.000 Goldmarks in 1884. Until then the lake was only known and appreciated by a few fishermen and had brought none of its previous owners any luck. August Terne did not worry about that. 

He arranged a regular stage coach-connection between his new property and the post-station in Murnau. Suddenly the Eibsee became a favourite excursion destination - spoken of as far as Munich. 

In 1900 August Terne built a guesthouse on the lake shore and served fresh whitefish from the lake as a specialty. This culinary delicacy is still served at the EIBSEE-HOTEL. The wonderful area and the hospitality of mother and father Terne soon brought the guesthouse a great number of regular guests. 

After August and his wife had died, their two sons, Karl and Hans successfully continued the family tradition. 

To accommodate the growing number of visitors, they built a 60 bed hotel in 1913. 

At the beginning of the 20’s they modernized and enlarged it to a 230 bed mountain resort hotel with all modern comforts. 

Politicians, artists, famous doctors, businessmen and sport stars have all made the “Eibsee” their rendezvous. Richard Strauss not only regularly played card here with the Terne brothers; many of his compositions originated at the Eibsee. Another true friend of the family and hotel was the flying ace Ernst Udet. From the Eibsee he planned his daring landing on the Zugspitzplateau. The inventor of the rocket led, Valier, thundered for the first time over the frozen lake.

In and around the Eibsee there was always something happening. Without any doubt, it was “the” hotel in the alpine paradise of the “Werdenfelser” region in these days.

The war put an end to the hospitality of the Terne family. In 1941 the German Air Force took over the hotel. From the end of the war until 1972 the Eibsee served as a recreation area for US troops. Both uniform knew, where to find the most beautiful place in Bavaria. After the hotel was given back to the Rieppel-Terne family, Peter K. H. Rieppel and his wife Nanni partially tore down the hotel, rebuilt it with most possible economic efforts and reopened it.

Today family Rieppel continues the 100 year old hotel tradition.

Names like His Holiness the Dalai Lama XIV, former defence minister of the USA Les Aspin, Magdalena Neuner, Felix Neureuther and Reinhold Messner can be found in today’s guestbook.